Braxton For Texas State Senate

Elect Michael Braxton Sr, for Texas State Senator 30th District 

Trustworthy. Transparent. Accountability.

“A Change Is Coming”

Michael Braxton Sr, has been a dedicated community leader and experienced in dealing with people. He is the kind of advocate for those that are in need of support. My drive to make a difference for my country, my compassion for the less fortunate, the love and experience dealing with our youth.  Braxton a trustworthy candidate that will work for the people making a change for the better on their behalf. 

“Vote For A Change”

Working Together To Provide, Protect, and Preserve Democracy For The People…

We must bring back the the powers for the ongoing of Democracy engaging in the Democratic process. Preparing to educate those to chose wisely when expressing their choice at the polls.

We must wake up from this deep political sleep and stay alive in providing what the people of this District, state, and country have longed for the priorities of the people to be shown up at the polls.

We must fight for all equality for our families, neighbors, fellow citizens which means that we must provide for and protect our men, women, and children.

 “ Platform”                                                       

  • Focus on Abortion and Women’s rights. 
  • Focus on Cost of Living.
  • Focus on Democracy.
  • Focus on Voting.
  • Focus on Public Schools(No Vouchers)
  • Focus on Teacher’s salaries and retirement.
  • Focus on Children, School Safety and Healthcare.
  • Focus on Union Support
  • Focus on Guns (control and eliminating access to public purchase of assault rifles.)
  • Focus on Veterans.
  • Focus on Climate Change.

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Early Voting for Texas State Senate Runoff Election

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Primary Runoff Voting

Let's Get Out And Vote " Braxton For Texas State Senate" ...


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Why I am running

To stand up for the people in District 30 and the entire state of Texas. I am the one to focus on our democracy and voting rights. I am the one that can and will fight for the citizens best interest. I will work together with my fellow men and women to make the 30th District of Texas a more dominate and Democratic place to improve the life and safety of our men, women and children. I am the one that can and will support the rights of our women and children. I am the one that can and will support and fight to provide security for our children and adults in schools and to provide help in dealing with PTSD. We must fight for equality of our families, neighbors, men, women and all children. I am the one that will support the rights for our farmers and their families. I am the one that will fight to support higher pay and retirement protection plans for our teachers and staff at our schools. I am the one to fight for higher minimum wage increase above poverty level to be mandatory for Texas. I am the one to fight for our citizens to have healthier living conditions in each town when it comes to clean water and making sure that it is adequately tested and stop the contamination of chemicals and polluted debris thrown in our streams and lakes. I am the one that will support better healthcare for all people and lower pharmacy cost. I am the one to support better living conditions for our Veterans, Homeless, and lower class citizens. I am the one to support climate change. I am the one to focus on out of control gun use.

Don’t forget, we as a people have the authority to make a change to the political management of this state and country. Starting with the right candidate and voting them into positions that are in charge of our safety and well being. 


“A Change Is Coming”


On May 28, 2024, vote for Michael Braxton Sr, for Texas State Senate 30th District  Democractic Party